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Straight to the Heart of Moses by Phil Moore

Have you ever wondered how to make sense of those books in the Bible that give us all those laws?  Have you ever wanted to know more about the life of Moses? Have you ever been frustrated by your own unbelief in God’s promises? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should read this book.

“God wants to be seen through His people.” This is the subtitle of the introduction and the theme of Straight to the Heart of Moses. As you read this book, this truth is revealed time and again. The author goes on to divide this book into sections to show how God reveals Himself through His people: God the Saviour (Exodus 1-18), God the Indweller (Exodus 19-40), God the Holy One (Leviticus), God the Faithful One (Numbers) and God the Covenant Keeper (Deuteronomy). These themes are woven into the author’s work.

I would classify this as a devotional commentary. This book by Phil Moore contains “60 Bite-sized Insights” into the books of the Bible that span the life of Moses.  Sometimes the author deals with a few verses in a chapter and at other times he covers a few chapters in one big swathe. But when you finish,  you have a better idea of the big picture. The chapters are short making it an excellent devotional read. The lessons are profound. The illustrations are clear driving home the point. The writing is God-centered in a way that leaves you meditating on Him for the rest of the day.

Though this might be considered by some to be “light” reading, this book gushes with pastoral sensitivity and instruction. I would recommend this book to those who get bogged down in their Bible reading at about Leviticus (that would be most of us). This year, as I read this book concurrently with my Bible, I was left hungering for more. This is not a poor reflection on the author or his book. Rather, it is the sign of a good teacher. I now want to dig deeper into this section of scripture.

I plan to buy more books in this series and if this volume is any indicator of the rest, then it will be money well spent.

This book was provided to me for review purposes by Kregel. 

  • Paperback: 272 Pages
  • Publisher: Monarch Books (Kregel)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0857210562
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