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The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek by Douglas S. Huffman


Whether you’re learning biblical Greek or using it, this is the reference tool to keep on hand. In a quick visual layout, it supplements textbooks to gives you immediate access to:

  1. first-year Greek grammar
  2. second-year Greek syntax
  3. step-by-step phrase diagramming

Easy to carry and easy to use, The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek crystalizes the information you need to know for classes or enables you to develop a sermon or lesson outline from the Greek New Testament faster than you could from an English translation.

(From the Publisher’s Website)


(From the Introduction)
In a book like this one, the answers to a few basic questions are important: for whom the book was written, what the book is (and is not), why the book was written, where it fits into the larger study of its discipline, how it might best be used, and when the reader would find it useful.
Who: This volume is intended for second-year Greek students (and beyond), pastors, teachers, and preachers. Constant NT Greek users (addicts!) might not need it, but would-be experts should find it useful.
What: When it comes to the study of NT Greek, this book is more of a collection of helpful tools than explanatory tales. It will not replace grammar and syntax textbooks, but it will supplement them nicely. In addition to reviewing grammar and syntax, this volume teaches phrase diagramming as a tool to discover sermon and lesson outlines quickly in the Greek text.
Why: This volume has been created because one year of Greek is dangerous; the language needs review and further study to become truly usable in the study of the Greek NT. The book is designed to be less cumbersome and more readily accessible than carrying around larger grammar and syntax textbooks.
Where: Since it presumes some of the basics of NT Greek, this book fits into the Greek learning sequence after a full year of elementary Greek has been mastered and then during and beyond the second year of NT Greek studies.
How: Intended as a useful tool and ready reference for the continued study of the Greek NT, even the physical dimensions of this volume are set at handbook size so as to fit with the Greek NT—either the United Bible Societies’ 4th edition (the burgundy UBS4) or the Nestle-Aland 28th edition (the blue NA28).
When: If kept on hand with the Greek NT, this volume could be in constant use, assisting in the preparation of NT lessons and sermons.

Studying Koine Greek helps us know the mind of God more clearly as that is the language He chose to communicate the New Testament to us in. But unless we use it every day, we tend to get rusty. The Handy Guide to New Testament Greek is the perfect antioxidant.

This little book is an excellent refresher and re-energizer for those who study Greek. Dr. Huffman has displayed the heart of a teacher by giving the student the tools he or she needs to reinforce what he or she has learned and also to dig deeper in his or her understanding of this rich and complex language.

The first section of the book deals with grammar and is replete with charts to help the student re-establish his or her footing. The second section deals with syntax. The explanations and definitions provided by Dr. Huffman are both succinct and clear. The third and final section deals with diagramming phrases. This may be the most helpful part of the book as it shows the student how to establish the flow of the author’s thoughts.

This book is the same size as the Greek NT (Nestle-Aland and UBS) which makes it a perfect companion. The pages are made from a sturdy and moisture resistant material to make this a durable resource for years to come.

In short this book has helped me realize what I have retained and reignited a passion to continue studying the Greek language. Thank you Dr. Huffman and Kregel Academic for this treasure.

What Others Have Said:
Review By: Scot McKnight,   Northern Seminary – December 1, 2012
“In your hands is as succinct a summary of Greek grammar and syntax as you are likely to find. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend this altogether useful volume and will encourage all Greek students to buy it and keep it close.”
Review By: Mark Strauss,   Bethel Seminary San Diego – December 1, 2012
“Douglas Huffman’s Handy Guide to New Testament Greek is an enormously helpful tool for reviewing Greek forms and grammar that are so easily forgotten by the busy pastor. Huffman writes like a seasoned teacher who has mastered his tricks and trade of his craft. The book is full of easy-to-remember “insider tips” for using and retaining the language.”
Review By: Thomas Schreiner,   The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – December 1, 2012
“Doug Huffman has written a wonderfully practical and accessible handbook for students who desire to take the next step beyond elementary Greek. I recommend it with enthusiasm.”

(From the Publisher’s Website)

Book Details:

  • Author: Douglas S. Huffman
  • Publisher: Kregel Academic
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page Count: 112
  • ISBN#: 978-0-8254-2743-5
  • List Price: $16.99

About the Author:

Douglas S. Huffman (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is Professor and Associate Dean of Biblical and Theological Studies at Biola University.


Where to Buy:

Disclaimer: Kregel graciously provided a copy of this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

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