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What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Jesus’ Bible by Jason DeRouchie


Written from an irenic, evangelical perspective, this Old Testament survey is designed to unpack what the biblical authors most intended to communicate in the Scripture that Jesus read. As the corresponding volume to the previously published What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About (Kregel Academic, 2008), it is well-suited for use in a college, seminary, or church context Students of the Bible will find this full-color textbook accessible and engaging.

What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About is gospel-centered, portraying the Old Testament as the foundation for a fulfillment found in the New Testament. Each chapter is written by an Old Testament scholar who is a skilled teacher at one of the finest evangelical schools across North America and specializes in the biblical book covered.

Readers will find:

• Introductory issues (who, when, where, why) condensed to one-page snapshots of essential information at

the beginning of each chapter

• The clarity of the biblical message enhanced through nearly two hundred high-resolution photographs, over

eighty charts and tables, and twelve color maps

• Very readable text, appropriate for broad audiences

• A format simpler and intentionally shorter than many other surveys, making it a very manageable textbook for a single semester Old Testament survey course or a useful guide to accompany devotional reading of Scripture

(From the Publisher’s Website)


“God was the ultimate author of Jesus’ Bible-what we now call the Old Testament. By his Spirit, the Lord guided dozens of prophets, usually writing in Hebrew, to disclose himself and his will for his people. The numerous human authors used a variety of genres to communicate God’s words, including genealogies, court annals, prophetic oracles, proverbs, prayers, priestly instructions, and much more. This diversity, however, only adds flavor to the amazing unity of message and purpose evident throughout the whole. Indeed, like its thirty-nine individual books (twenty-four by Jewish numbering), the Old Testament as a whole shows signs of intentional shaping toward a common goal-a quality testifying to the guiding hand of the supreme author.”-page 26


As a child, I heard the stories of the Old Testament as a series of disjointed narratives. I knew that they were part of a shared history. But the individuals in the stories were emphasized as the main characters and morals were drawn from what they did and said. Sure, I knew that God was involved in the stories but it seemed from the perspective of the teachers that He was in the background waiting to see how things played out. It was not until I was an adult that I realized that the main character in the stories is God. How can we correct this problem for future generations? I believe books like What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About by Jason DeRouchie will help right the ship.

The subtitle of the book is A Survey of Jesus’ Bible and the book is arranged in the order that Jesus’ Bible would have been. Each section begins with an overview to acquaint the reader with the Jewish arrangement of the Old Testament books. As the reader moves into the individual books, they are treated to an overview of who, when, where, and why as introduction to the book. Each chapter then brings out some key verses to highlight the message of the book. The reader is then given a blurb highlighting the author’s main themes. These themes are then unpacked with charts, sidebars, maps, and pictures bringing the world of the scriptures to life. After a conclusion, the reader is given key words and concepts to review as well as a bibliography for further study.

I found this survey to be very comprehensive in its approach. This book is packed with beautiful pictures, maps, and charts that enhance rather than distract the reader.The chapters are designed to give you an understanding of the structure and themes in each book without overwhelming you with detail. I utilized this book along with my Old Testament reading and found it to be a help in keeping me focused on the main ideas. This book helps the reader understand how each part fits in the grand narrative of scripture. As you move through this book, you will see how books written by different human authors, over thousands of years, in many different contexts present a unified story of God’s work in His world. I heartily recommend this book to every student and teacher of scripture. Thank you Kregel, Jason DeRouchie, and all the authors involved for producing such a valuable resource for the church.


Book Details:

  • Editor: Jason S. DeRouchie

  • Publisher: Kregel

  • Format: Hardback

  • Page Count: 490

  • ISBN#: 9780825425912

  • List Price: $45.99

About the Editor:

Jason DeRouchie (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is associate professor of Old Testament at Bethlehem College and Seminary. He is coauthor of A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew and A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew Workbook.

(From the Publisher’s Website)

Where to Buy:

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion from Kregel.

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