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Prophet on the Run by Baruch Maoz


This warmhearted devotional commentary originated as a sermon series and is meant for every Christian who wants to apply the lessons of Jonah in a practical way. Like us, Jonah often lived inconsistently. He knew that God cannot be escaped—yet he tried to escape. He knew that God is merciful—yet he tried to limit His mercy. The Lord took hold of Jonah and forced him to come to Him. What we think about God determines how we live; like Jonah, we must learn God’s mercy. (From the Publisher’s Website)


“ The central message of the book is much needed and highly relevant to Jewish ears: Israel has no ownership over God. He is the God of all nations. All owe him obedience, and he shows mercy to all without distinction. This message anticipates the message of the New Testament-that God has taken Jews and Gentiles, set aside the differences between them, and made of the two one new people in Christ.” (From the Introduction, page 11)


Jonah has long been one of my favorite stories. God’s sovereignty is on display. His unmerited love for his creation is on display as well. When I saw this book, Prophet on the Run, I was excited because it gave me another reason to read the story and also because I have met the author Baruch Maoz. Mr. Maoz spoke at my church and I was impressed by his love of God’s word and God’s people. He is a humble man who has a heart to teach and train the saints of God.

In this book, Mr. Maoz supplies us with his own translation of the Hebrew text of Jonah. I found his translation to be helpful and refreshing. In 7 short but pithy chapters, Mr. Maoz works his way through the book of Jonah. Each chapter begins with the authors translation of the text followed by his explanation. These explanations are very pastoral and devotional in nature. At the end of each chapter, the author gives the reader a few questions to help steep them in what they have learned.

I found Mr. Maoz’s writing style to be clear and engaging. In places, he reminded me of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He writes with spiritual soberness and pastoral sensitivity. I started this book with the desire to know more about God and the book of Jonah. Not only has my desire been met but my appreciation for this story of God and his prophet has been deepened.

I highly recommend this book to any who want to know the person, work, and message of God. Thank you Mr. Maoz and Shepherd Press for this excellent book.

Book Details:

  • Author: Baruch Maoz

  • Publisher: Shepherd Press

  • Format: Paperback

  • Page Count: 96

  • ISBN#: 9781936908844

  • List Price: $5.99

About the Author:

Baruch Maoz has ministered in Israel since 1974. He was the founder and chairman of a number of organizations that served the Church and sought to advance the Gospel in the country. He is the Founder-Pastor (1976) of a Reformed and Baptist church, Grace and Truth Christian Congregation, which conducted extensive evangelistic outreach, a recognized Diaconal work in Israeli society and a ministry among the deaf while insisting on the unity of the body of Christ in a church body consisting of Jews, Arabs and Russian immigrants. With a MA in Biblical Studies, Baruch is noted for his Biblical scholarship as well as his pastoral heart. In addition to editing a magazine for Russian speaking Jews in Israel, Baruch has delivered many theological papers throughout the world, with books published in English, Dutch and Hebrew. Among these are Malachi- A Prophet in Times of Despair and Come Let Us Reason Together. Though Baruch retired from the pastorate in 2008 he continues to write, preach and teach. He and his wife are active in the church they joined upon Baruch’s retirement.

Where to Buy:

Disclaimer: I received this book from Shepherd Press via Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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