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Songs of a Suffering King by J.V.Fesko


Our Lord has wisely given the Psalms, the songbook of the Bible, for the benefit of the church. But for many people, the Psalms’ contents are mysterious because they no longer have a place of prominence in the church’s worship. Author J. V. Fesko hopes to awaken the church to the majesty, beauty, and splendor of the Psalms through a devotional exploration of Psalms 1–8, a “grand Christ hymn,” in which David, as the suffering king, prefigures the king of kings, Jesus Christ. To encourage readers to come to a greater appreciation for the Psalms, the author includes with each chapter questions for further reflection and study and a metrical version of each psalm. He also recommends Internet resources that provide digital files of the tunes. (From the Publisher’s Website)


“When we read the Psalms, or any passage of Scripture for that matter, we should first ask in what way Christ is organically and legitimately present in the text. The numerous quotations of and allusions to Psalms 1-8 in the New Testament reveal that the apostles believed that the Psalms principally spoke of Christ. This is especially evident because of the numerous times that Psalm 8 appears in the New Testament. The apostles knew that Psalm 8 was a reflection about the creation of man, but they also recognized that it was a prophecy of Christ’s reign. Once we rightly recognize where Christ appears in the Psalms, we have the proper footing from which to understand our own connection to them. When we read, for example, of the righteous man of Psalm 1 and recognize that Christ is that man, then through our union with Christ we have the hope of reflecting His righteousness.” (From the Conclusion, page 121)




The Psalms are captivating. Encapsulated in these ancient, poetic expressions is the whole gamut of human emotion. These emotions were created by God and in the Psalms, we see them being poured out to God. In that way we relate to them. In others ways, we get the sense that these sacred songs are talking about something outside of our experience. This is where a valuable guide helps us make sense of what we are reading.  J.V. Fesko is just such a guide.

I enjoy authors who take the biblical text and point to Christ. Mr. Fesko excels in this arena. With precision, he focuses these eight Psalms on the person and work of Christ. I found myself audibly agreeing with many statements in the book. Chapters 1 and 8 were, in my opinion, exceptionally well done. I had never read anything by this author before and now I want to find and read his other works. I can only hope that he will write more on the Psalms. I would like to see a work like this cover the whole of the Psalter. Buy it, read it and be blessed. May God use this work to showcase His glory to those who hunger for a vision of the exalted Christ.


Book Details:


  • Author: J.V. Fesko
  • Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page Count: 128
  • ISBN#: 9781601783103
  • List Price: $10.00



About the Author:

J.V. Fesko is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and is also academic dean and associate professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California.



Where to Buy:




Disclaimer: I received this book from Reformation Heritage Books via Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion.


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