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James the Just by Dr. David Friedman with B.D.Friedman


Yeshua`s Brother & Chief Rabbi of the Messianic Jewish Community James the Just (Ya`Akov HaTzaddik) Presents Applications of Torah By Dr. David Friedman with B.D. Friedman

When we view Ya’acov (James) for who he was: a chief rabbi, a Torah scholar, a Bible commentator, and akin to a high court judge, then we can better understand the purpose of his book. One of the main thrusts of Ya’acov’s teaching is encouraging the practical application of the Torah’s teachings. (From the Publisher’s Website)





Great literature like great art is best enjoyed in the context of its creation. The Bible is great literature but it is more than just that. It is divinely inspired. God Himself gave us this book but He did it through human writers and through specific times in history. It behooves us to try and understand the people and times in which these writings came to us. By understanding the context we can better apply these truths to our own lives.

James has long been one of my favorite books of the New Testament. It is inimitably practical. It is also inherently Jewish. I have always known this to be the case but not as deeply as I did after reading this book by Dr. Friedman.

This book explores the “Jewishness” of the book of James in a way I have not seen before. Such aspects as the community, the writer, the subject matter, and the theological construct of Faith and Works are discussed. This is not a commentary in the sense that all of the verses receive comment. That is not the writer’s intent. He brings out some interesting theories of interpreting the book and presents them in a compelling manner. I may not agree entirely with all of the writer’s conclusions but I have thought more deeply about the background of this book.

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I would have liked more comment on the verses and more fleshing out of some of the theories. I would recommend this book for anyone starting a study of James. There is great introductory material contained here.


Book Details:

  • Author: Dr. David Friedman with B.D. Friedman
  • Publisher: Lederer Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page Count: 152
  • ISBN#: 9781936716449
  • List Price: $14.99



About the Authors:


Dr. David Friedman is the former Academic Dean and Professor of Jewish Studies at King of Kings College in Jerusalem, Israel. Currently, Friedman lectures internationally on biblical topics, as well as on the history of the modern State of Israel. A former member of the Israel Defense Forces, he also works actively in the area of Jewish-Arab reconciliation as a speaker and mentor and is an advocate for a secure State of Israel.

B.D. Friedman is a native and resident of Jerusalem, Israel. He is a student and researcher in Ancient Hebrew and Biblical topics. (From the Publisher’s Website)


Where to Buy:




Disclaimer: I received this book from Lederer Books via Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion.


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