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Christian Bioethics by C.Ben Mitchell & D.Joy Riley



Living in an era of highly technical medicine is comforting and sometimes confusing. How should Christians make life and death decisions? How do we move from an ancient text like the Bible to twenty-first-century questions about organ transplantation, stem-cell research, and human cloning?  What kind of care do we owe one another at the end of life?  Is euthanasia a Christian option?

Using a dialogue format, an ethicist and physician talk about how to think about thorny ethical issues. Combining their backgrounds in medicine and theology, they deal with real-life moral questions in an accessible way. C. Ben Mitchell and D. Joy Riley let readers eavesdrop on their conversation about the training of doctors, the interpretation of the Bible, and controversial issues like abortion, assisted-suicide, genetic engineering, and in vitro fertilization.

The book examines these topics under three general headings: the taking of life, the making of life, and the faking of life. Christian Bioethics is a guidebook for pastors, health care professionals and families—anyone facing difficult decisions about health care. (From the Publisher’s Website)



We live in an unprecedented era of medical and genetic advances. These fields are changing so fast that we barely have time to think about the ethical questions surrounding them before the questions multiply. How does a person navigate these decisions ? How should a Christian respond to these questions? In their book Christian Bioethics, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Riley help us to navigate the morass of medical decision-making.

This book discusses such issues as abortion, euthanasia, infertility, organ donation, cloning, and life-extension. These issues are discussed by two experts, one a medical professional and the other an ethicist, in a conversational format. Each chapter starts with a case study to get the reader to think about the issue being discussed. The authors then bring up various questions and issues surrounding the topic being discussed. Their expertise is brought to bear on the topic helpfully illuminating and guiding the way down the sometimes winding path of bioethics. The underlying current for all of these discussions is the fact that man is made in the image of God and our decisions should reflect that truth.

I recommend this book for pastors, professionals in the medical field, and anyone who finds themselves facing any of these issues. If you do not think through these things before you are faced with them, you may make a hasty decision that you will later regret. This book has solidified my thinking in some areas and challenged it in others. I am thankful for this book and hope that it gains a wide readership. Thank you B&H, Dr. Mitchell, and Dr. Riley for this much-needed resource.



Book Details:


  • Author: C. Ben Mitchell, PhD and D. Joy Riley, MD
  • Publisher: B&H Academic
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page Count: 224
  • ISBN#: 9781433671142
  • List Price: $24.99



About the Authors:

C. Ben Mitchell is Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and an ordained minister with pastoral experience. He received his Master of Divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his PhD in Philosophy with a concentration in Medical Ethics at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

D. Joy Riley, M.D., M.A. (Bioethics), is Executive Director of The Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture in Brentwood, Tennessee, and also serves as ethics consultant for a Nashville, Tennessee, area hospital. Board certified in internal medicine, her writing and lecture topics include medical ethics, organ transplantation ethics, stem cell research, genetics, and assisted reproductive technologies.

(From the Publisher’s Website)

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Disclaimer: I received this book from B&H via Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion.


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