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A Commentary On Exodus by Duane A. Garrett


The true fountainhead of Old Testament theology, Exodus illuminates the significance of the name Yahweh and introduces the title I AM. It tells of Israel’s formative historical event, the exodus, as well as the making of the covenant at Sinai. It includes the first code of the Law in the Decalogue and Book of the Covenant. It details Israel’s besetting sin in the idolatry of the golden calf episode, but it also describes Moses’s intercession and the great revelation of God’s mercy. In its display of the Tent of Meeting, it presents the theology of the priesthood, the sacrifices, and the central sanctuary. A Commentary on Exodus explores all of these events with a view toward their significance both for the meaning of the Old Testament and for the message of the Christian church. Exegetically deep enough to satisfy the scholar and logically organized to meet the needs of the pastor, Garrett’s commentary promises to become standard reference material in Exodus studies. (From the Publisher’s Website)


The book of Exodus is both intriguing and mysterious. It contains some of the most beloved stories we remember hearing as a child. Now that we are adults they seem incredible. Hollywood has taken an interest in the Exodus more than once. The book of Exodus is at once an extraordinary piece of literature and a heavily scrutinized document. To whom should we turn to explore this magnificent book?

Dr. Garrett has written a superb commentary on Exodus. This is the latest in the Kregel Exegetical Library series. I consider them to be jewels in my commentary collection. Modern scholarship combined with submission to the Word of God makes this series a blessing to the body of Christ. But let us turn to this volume. Here are some features I find to be worthwhile:

1. A historical background for the book.

Dr. Garrett has done us all a favor by studying the background of the Exodus and presenting his findings to us. Some commentaries present the text with very little mentioned about the time and place. But Dr. Garrett understands that the reader will grasp the meaning of the text much more fully with an understanding of the culture surrounding the text. I found myself engrossed as I read about the ancient Egyptians. I wish Dr. Garrett would write a book on the ancient cultures. I would certainly add it to my library.

2. A fresh translation by the author.

There are nuances in the text that a scholar can bring out in the commentaries that are not available in the popular translations. One thing I found with Dr. Garrett’s translation is that He gives us a very literal reading of the text. The translation is also broken down by clauses which helps the reader grasp the flow of thought more organically. The translation is crisp and refreshing.

3. Useful commenting on the text.

This is not your tired commentary full of the author’s guesswork. The comments are well researched and documented with an eye toward textual clarity. Relevant variants are discussed as well as possible translation issues. The author entertains divergent views but unlike some commentators you do not have to guess what view he takes.

4. Theological summaries.

After the comments on the text, the author points out the theological highlights in the section covered. I found this very useful as a teacher. The author does not exhaustively list every theological point to be gleaned from the text but he does give some important points. A good teacher does not give all of the answers. He makes the student hungry to learn more and this is certainly what Dr. Garrett has done with his commentary.

5. A focus on the poetic parts of the text.

Dr. Garrett presents the poetry of the book in a studious manner but also helps the reader enjoy the form and expression of these sections.

I have enjoyed this commentary as much as any I have read. This will certainly be a go-to for me. I recommend it be partnered with a commentary heavy on application. There is much to be learned from this foundational text and Dr. Garrett has given us a valuable tool to help us explore the Exodus. Thank you Kregel and Dr. Garrett. May this commentary help readers to further know the God of the Exodus.

Book Details:

  • Author: Duane A. Garrett
  • Publisher: Kregel Academic
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 752
  • ISBN#: 9780825425516
  • List Price: $39.99


About the Author:

Duane A. Garret (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is professor of Old Testament at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has previously taught at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Bethel Sminary and served as pastor and missionary in a variety of contexts. Garret has also written A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew, Authority and Interpretation , and Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs for the Zondervan Illustrated Biblical Backgrounds Commentary (vol. 5). (From the Publisher’s Website)

Where to Buy:


Disclaimer: I received this book from Kregel in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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