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Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice


Hostility and hunger—that’s the response to the message of Jesus. The first is painful, the second is wonderful, and Rico Tice is honest about both.

Short, clear, realistic and humorous, this book will challenge you to be honest in your conversations about Jesus, help you to know how to talk about him, and thrill you that God can and will use ordinary people to change eternal destinies. (From the Publisher’s Website)



In this book, Rico Tice starts with this concept: if you proclaim the Gospel, you will experience opposition. He says,”You will get hit.” I found this refreshing and helpful because most evangelism books talk about how to succeed in evangelizing but fail to prepare the reader for the inevitable pushback that occurs when you take the Gospel to an audience that is hostile to God. Mr. Tice does a commendable job at preparing the reader for what they will experience and encourages them to press on because Christ is worth every effort to evangelize.

This book also talks about the fact that we live in a post-christian society. We can longer assume people understand the language we use or the frames of reference we use. We must love the person and often times earn the right to speak to them about the Gospel.

Fear often gets in the way of our evangelism and Mr. Tice has done a good job at drawing out those fears and pointing to the remedy for them: the glory of Christ and the love for our neighbors. I heartily commend this book both for its clarion call to return to honest evangelism and its simplicity in presentation. You will benefit greatly from reading this short but instructive book. Thank you Mr. Tice and The Good Book company for this timely message.

Book Details:

  • Authors: Rico Tice, Carl Laferton
  • Publisher: The Good Book Company
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page Count: 112
  • ISBN#: 9781909919396
  • List Price: $12.99


About the Authors:

 Rico Tice is Senior Minister (Evangelism) at All Souls Church, Langham Place in London. Born in Chile before being educated in England, Rico spent a year working at a church in inner city Liverpool and then studied history at Bristol University (where he was captain of the rugby team). He went on to graduate from theological college at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. As a passionate evangelist, he has spent the last few years developing the Christianity Explored courses. He is a regular speaker at missions and evangelistic events around the world, and is the author of Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough.

Carl Laferton is Senior Editor at TGBC. He is author of Original Jesus, Promises Kept and Christmas Uncut, and series editor of the God’s Word For You series. Before joining TGBC, he worked as a journalist, a teacher, and pastored a congregation in Hull. Carl is married to Lizzie and they have two children, Benjamin and Abigail. He studied history at Oxford University.

Where to Buy:


Disclaimer: I received this book from the Good Book Company via Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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