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Counseling One Another by Paul Tautges


This paradigm-shifting book helps believers understand the process of being transformed by God’s grace and truth, and challenges them to be a part of the process of discipleship in the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.Counseling One Another biblically presents and defends every believer’s responsibility to work toward God’s goal of conforming us to the image of His Son—a goal reached through the targeted form of intensive discipleship most often referred to as counseling.

All Christians will find Counseling One Another useful as they make progress in the life of sanctification and as they discuss issues with their friends, children, spouses, and fellow believers, providing them with a biblical framework for life and one-another ministry in the body of Christ. (From the Publisher’s Website)



Why did this book interest me?

The first thing that I have to mention about this book is the cover. I do not normally talk about that feature of the book but this one really drew me in. The design of the cover illustrates what the book is about in a compelling way. The title is good but the subtitle gripped me: A Theology of Interpersonal Discipleship. I have always thought of counseling in the professional sense but had not really considered it from a discipleship standpoint.

What does this book accomplish?

This book sets the stage for a discussion of discipleship through the medium of counseling one another. At first you might say that the command to make disciples does not include counseling. You would be right if by counseling you mean psychology or psychiatry. But Dr. Tautges firmly convinced me that biblical counseling is indeed a necessary part of discipleship. This book walks you through the why, the what, and the how of biblical counseling. The need is clearly seen, the motivation is passionately shown, and the means are convincingly demonstrated in the reading of this book.

What did I take away from this book?

After reading this book, I now see the importance of biblical counseling in the life of every believer both as counselor and counseled. Biblical counseling should not be practiced only by people in an office but by every Christian who is actively discipling as a means of bringing the one being discipled into more Christ-likeness. The counsel is of course rooted in the sufficiency of scripture and conducted in the context of the local church. Dr. Tautges brilliantly weaves these themes together in this comprehensive treatment of biblical counseling. Thank you Dr. Tautges and Shepherd Press for this timely gift to the church.

Who should read this?

It might sound cliche but I think every believer would benefit from this book. Certainly anyone involved in ministry and discipleship should read this valuable resource. I pray that this book will receive much exposure and in doing so will benefit the church for the glory of God.

Book Details:


  • Author: Paul Tautges
  • Publisher: Shepherd Press
  • Format: Softcover
  • Page Count: 195
  • ISBN#: 9781633420946
  • List Price: $14.95



About the Author:

Dr. Paul Tautges serves as senior pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Previously, he served Immanuel Bible Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for twenty-two years. He has authored eight books and contributed to two volumes produced by the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Paul also serves as the consulting editor of the LifeLine mini-book series from Shepherd Press. Paul blogs regularly at http://www.counselingoneanother.com.

Where to Buy:



Disclaimer: I received this book from Shepherd Press via Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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