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A Commentary on the Psalms Volume 3 by Allen P. Ross


Final volume in acclaimed Psalms commentary by Allen P. Ross

For thousands of years, Psalms has been one of the richest resources for worship and development of the spiritual life. Pastors, teachers, and all serious students of the Bible will find this commentary invaluable for developing an understanding of Psalms and for improving one’s ability to exposit it with precision and depth. This is the third of a three-volume commentary on Psalms.

The commentary includes discussion throughout of the three primary challenges to understanding Psalms:

    • Textual issues: Every major textual difficulty is addressed in order to help the expositor understand the interpretive issues and make decisions when there are multiple available readings.


    • Poetic language: The Psalms are full of poetic imagery, devices, and structures. Ross discusses this “language” of Hebrew poetry in its context with each psalm, specifying the precise devices being used and how they work in the psalm.


  • Grammar and syntax: The Hebrew of Psalms poses a challenge to many expositors. This commentary illuminates Hebrew constructions and word meanings in a way that is helpful both to readers who are comfortable with Hebrew and those who are not.

(From the Publisher’s Website)


Perhaps no book of the Bible captures raw human emotion as much as the Psalms. This is why we turn to it at the height of bliss and the depths of despair. We identify with the psalmist to the point that we believe them to be written on our behalf. Yet there is so much more contained in this beloved collection than emotional experience. There is deep theological truth. There is a sense that something great is happening and we are a small part of it. There is a feeling of community. There is hope and comfort.

For these reasons, I was excited when I saw that Kregel was publishing this set of commentaries on the Psalms. I was even more excited when I saw the author’s name. Allen P. Ross is a respected Hebrew scholar and a perfect choice for the task. He combines a scholar’s approach with a pastor’s heart. The result is not only a brilliant commentary, but also a tool to teach others how to dig into the Psalms themselves and mine the precious ore found therein.

The introduction of each Psalm begins with the author’s own English rendering of the Hebrew text followed by a section about the composition and context of the Psalm concluding in an exegetical analysis of the Psalm. We are then treated to a commentary in expository form. The author concludes with the message and application of the Psalm.

I believe this to be the best work I have seen on the Psalms and would highly recommend it for students, teachers, and pastors. Some of the language is a bit technical as this is published under the Kregel Academic and Professional label. Some assumptions are made as to the reader’s familiarity with technical terms. But do not be put off by this. There is much here to learn. I hope that many will profit from the insights found between the covers of this book.

Book Details:


  • Author: Allen P. Ross
  • Publisher: Kregel Academic
  • Format: Hardback
  • Page Count: 1040
  • ISBN#: 9780825426667
  • List Price: $49.99



About the Author:

Allen P. Ross (PhD, University of Cambridge) is professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity School. Prior to this, he taught at Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry and Dallas Theological Seminary. His publications include Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis,Holiness to the Lord: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus, and Introducing Biblical Hebrew. (From the Publisher’s Website)

Where to Buy:



Disclaimer: I received this book from Kregel in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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